2009 Nissan Micra
keys locked inside car in customers hand bag. Picked passenger side door lock with difficulty which finally oped car door. High Holborn, WC1, Camden, Central London.
2007 Honda Jazz
Provided an aftermarket spare remote control car key for the customer. Cut the blank Honda 66 blade. Programmed the remote function manually and programmed the transponder chip via the diagnostic OBD socket with Zed Full. Holloway Road, N19, Islington, North London.
2013 Ford Galaxy
Programmed a spare genuine Ford proximity smart remote fob to vehicle. Programmed both remote function and transponder chip with tester. Haverstock Hill, NW3, Camden.
1999 VW Golf Mk 4
Keys locked in boot. Picked door lock with some difficulty after using lubricant. North End Road, West Kensington, W14, Hammersmith and Fulham.
2016 Peugeot 108
Key locked inside car. Customer lost her metal key when she was jogging with her dog. This car had Toyoto locks and required a TOY48 pick. Picked door lock within 5 minutes. Hawkstone Road, Bermondsey, SE16, Southwark.
2013 Mercedes C Class
Keys locked in car boot. Picked open car boot lock after 8 minutes. Baker Street, Westminster, W1, Central London.
2008 Peugeot 207
Customer lost his car keys. Picked door lock and decoded key number in order to cut a blade. I managed to pull the security pin code from the vehicle. Once I had the pin code I was able to programme the transponder chip to the car. Eversholt Street, NW1, Euston, Camden, North London.
2006 Honda CRV
Wife of customer locked keys in the boot of car. I picked door lock with HON66 professional auto lock pick. This took longer than usual but managed it in the end. Customer then wanted a spare 3 button remote control fixed blade key. Copied his existing key I retrieved from the boot and cut the key blade. Programmed transponder chip to car with computer. Programmed the new remote control fob manually turning on and off the ignition 6 times while pressing the lock button on each occasion.
2009 Hyundai i30
Customer had his car stolen and had a physical confrontation with the car thief which resulted in a broken arm. Customer got his car back with no keys. After a key code and security pin code request, I cut a new Hyundai remote control flip blade. I programmed an ID46 transponder chip to the vehicle. I hand made 2 Key DIY 3 button remote control keys diagnostically to car.
2006 Vauxhall Zafira
Customer had his house burgled and his car keys stolen. Luckily the customer had the Car Pass with the security information on it. Cut the remote blade from key number. I programmed the transponder chip and remote control function with Opel Com software using the security pin code. Barking Road, Plaistow,  E13, Newham, East London.