Nissan Almera 2002
Customer lost her car keys. I picked door lock to retrieve 8 of the 10 wafer numbers. Put the 8 numbers into insta code and got the remaining 2 numbers. Cut 2 NSN14 Nissan key blades for the vehicle. After cutting the 2 blades I programmed the 2 transponder chips to car. The 2 manual keys also activated the central locking system. Nunhead Lane, Peckham, SE15, Southwark, South East London.
VW Polo 2012
Spare remote control car key required. Provided aftermarket 3 button remote control flip key. Cut blade and diagnostically programmed remote and transponder chip to car. Marsh Wall, E14, Isle of Dogs, Tower Hamlets, East London.
Fiat Bravo 2008
Stolen car keys. Customer had his jacket stolen with car keys inside. I picked the driver’s door lock to decode the key number in order to cut a blade which opened the car. Plugged my tester into the OBD socket and pulled the security pin code from vehicle. Precoded two PCF7936 transponder chips as customer required two keys. Programmed two SIP22 keys to car. Prince of Wales Road, Kentish Town, NW5, North London.
Volkswagen Sharan 2007
Broken key blade. Broke open the flip head to remove the ID48 transponder chip without damage. Cut a new blade and provided a new flip head. Magdalen Road, SW18, Wandsworth, South London.

2013 Vauxhall Corsa D

Lost car keys. Picked door lock to gain entry to the vehicle. Managed to find security car pass with key code and security code. Cut flip blade on remote control fob. Programmed the transponder and two button remote function simultaneously with diagnostic tester. River Road, IG11, Barking and Dagenham, East London.