History of the Car Key – Evolution

Since the 1970’s car key manufacturers have had to continually improve auto key security because of the theft of motor vehicles. The growing trend in car theft has prompted improvements in car key security and is an important part of the history of the car key.

Today’s car keys are completely different from your everyday house keys. In the ’70s your average car key would have been cut on only one edge of the car key blade like it is on a standard house key of today. The late ’70s and early ’80s saw the first improvements of auto key security. The update was to have a double sided cut on the car key blade rather than just one edge to make it more difficult for the car thief and the auto locksmith to pick the car door/boot lock and ignition.

The Introduction of Chips

In the 1990s a computer transponder chip was introduced to fit inside the plastic head of the car key. This transponder chip would have to be programmed with computer software to the vehicle which would make it a unique transponder chip for that specific vehicle. This introduction made it almost impossible for the auto thief to hot-wire and steal a vehicle until they learned how to get around it. The late 1990s saw the invention of laser-cut auto keys again to make it more difficult for the car thief and an auto locksmith to pick car door/boot locks and ignitions which are cut on each of the two faces of the autokey. Also around this same time, a security pin code system was invented which was a unique set of numbers or letters which had to be obtained for the particular vehicle in question before the transponder chip could be given access in order to programme.

Techno Leap

The early to mid-2000s experienced yet another security feature introduced for the vehicle key. This is generally known as “pre-code” which must be completed before the new transponder chip in the key or it will not be able to programme into the vehicle, even if you have the security pin code the vehicle.

Rapid auto locksmith London has state of the art equipment in order to deal with all these security hurdles I have just mentioned. The car industry is constantly upgrading security and the auto locksmith industry is constantly trying to keep up with the updates so are usually around 2 years behind. Your auto locksmith in London keeps up to date with all the auto security technology.